Hirotake Arai started out in 1937 as a hat manufacturer before a decade later laying the foundations of Arai as premium helmet manufacturer. This he did by inventing a new way of producing helmet shells with heat formed resin. This technology granted Arai the first Japanese Industrial Standard safety helmet license in 1950 and two years on Hirotake supplied his first helmets to professional racers, establishing Arai as the choice of experts.

This flexibility of the GP-6RC shell allows the helmet to flex on impact and not splinter or shatter like standard CF is known to do. This gives Arai the ability to produce a helmet ready for the demands and requirements of Formula 1 Racing. All our know how and experience we gained in years of F1 racing, is incorporated in this helmet. Perfect aerodynamic properties, improved ventilation and unsurpassed fit and comfort all make the GP-6 RC the ultimate racing helmet. All GP-6 RC helmets come standard with a PED set and Emergency Release System cheek pads. Improved visor lock that can be operated with one hand with gloves, smooth Nomex® neckroll, Kevlar® chin straps and Nomex® lining.


An Arai helmet isn’t manufactured on a fast rolling, computer and robot operated production belt. Every Arai helmet is virtually 100% handmade. It can take up to five years for our experts to earn the right to create an Arai shell. Each shell can take up to 27 steps and each step must be our best, whether it is being made for a MotoGP rider, Formula 1 driver or a touring/commuter rider. To build one Arai helmet will take about 18 man-hours. Everyone in the factory has a specific job, yet all of them know every step that goes into building an Arai helmet and how their individual jobs fit into the final result. They are taught to know and experience the jobs their co-workers do. But our dedication to quality goes even further, because each and every Arai helmet must go through five separate quality-control departments: one after the shell is made, one after painting and graphic completion, one after assembly and two in-process inspections. And what is even more amazing, this strict quality control is performed on every single Arai helmet. Dedicated craftsmen and quality inspectors carefully inspect each Arai helmet. Only Arai offers this level of handmade quality that has become a part of the Arai workers’ mentality, building your helmet by skilled hands. Arai is even able to trace back each and every helmet ever made to the craftsman who built it, because each helmet carries their individual signature of approval.


After more than 50 years there are still no shortcuts for building an Arai helmet. There are no ”minor parts” to an Arai and there are no minor jobs for building it. We build each helmet as if we’re creating it for one of our family. We build only one kind of helmet – our best. We give it one kind of effort – our best. And when you wear it, you will know that you wear our best.


Most of the Arai craftsmen work there for many years. Even though most of their names are not Arai, they are proud to be part of the Arai family and what it stands for.



Perhaps the ultimate demonstration of a company’s faith in its products is how strongly it is willing to warranty it. In 1993 Arai is the first helmet manufacturer to introduce a full 5-Year Limited Warranty. To date we are one of the very few helmet manufacturers in the world that can substantiate quality statements by warranting our products for five years. Only recently some other helmet manufacturers have extended their warranties past one year. If a manufacturer doesn’t trust its helmets for more than one year, why should you?


But even an Arai helmet won’t last forever. Like most major helmet manufacturers, Arai subscribes to the Snell Memorial Foundation benchmark of five years as the suggested usable lifespan of a motorcycle helmet. Why? Age takes its toll. Even with minimal use things like the acids and oils in sweat, hair care products, pollution, exposure to UV rays, etc affect a helmet. At about the five-year mark, helmet interiors begin to show wear and/or deterioration, which should serve as an alert to its overall condition.


The helmet’s fit may begin to feel a little “loose”, not as snug as it once did. This unseen aging and deterioration of the EPS liner can affect the helmet’s ability to perform in an impact as it was originally designed. If a helmet suffers an impact and any doubt exists as to its further ability to protect, it should either be returned to the manufacturer for competent inspection or discarded and replaced by a new Arai.


All Arai helmets are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship, and are serviceable only for the properly fitted first user for 5 years from date of first use, but no more than 7 years from date of manufacture. It should be replaced within 5 years of first use. The date-of-manufacture (month/year) can be found impressed on the left chinstrap (the one without the D-rings) or laser etched on the steel D-ring fastener of the right chinstrap. The date is offered as a code with the production month followed by the year. For example 01/10 stands for production date January 2010.



Put on an Arai: you just feel good. You want to keep on riding. That’s why we build our helmets the way we do. Because it’s not about what you pay, it’s about what you get. An Arai helmet isn’t inexpensive. It isn’t made to be. And when you wear one, it isn’t made to feel good for just an hour or two. It’s made to feel good all day, every day – and to keep feeling good for years.


You can’t always see the reasons why an Arai feels better, but they’re there: lower weight from aerospace fibreglass-based construction; a lower centre of gravity for better balance and less strain; softer single-piece multiple-density liners. Ventilation systems that work in the real world, not just in drawings.


With an Arai helmet, you truly can enjoy the very best of today’s helmet innovation.

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The Arai limited Warranty and after-sales services are offered exclusively to customers in possession of Arai helmets sold through an authorized Arai retailer. Any Arai helmet offered for sale by a non-authorized dealer (particularly over the Internet) may be counterfeit or may be stolen or defective. Therefore Arai declines all responsibility.